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Repair of gas boiler in Kiev, in the home of the customer.
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Trademarks repaired gas boilers

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Repair of gas boilers in Kiev and the suburbs, is the home of the customer, at a convenient time.
We repair boilers following brands: Beretta, Ferroli, Vaillant, Protherm, Junkers, Viessmann, Buderus, Bosch, Aton, Westen, Fagor, Baxi, Electrolux, Junkers-Bosch, Milla, Termet, PROTON. That is, we make repair of gas boilers, which are presented on the market in our region.

Serviced areas of the city of Kiev and its suburbs

Image: Map. Serviced areas of the city of Kiev and its suburbs, repair gas boilers:
Levyj bereg: Desnjanskij rajon, Troeshhina, Lesnoj massiv, Bykovnja, Raduzhnyj massiv, Voskresenka, Dneprovskij rajon, Darnickij rajon, Levoberezhnaja, Bereznjaki, Poznjaki, Rusanovka, Darnica, DVRZ, Har'kovskij massiv.
Pravyj bereg: Goloseevskij rajon, Shevchenkovskij rajon, Shuljavka, Teremki, Vishnevoe, Obolon', Kurenjovka, Vinogradar', Nivki, Svjatoshinskij rajon (Svjatoshino), Akademgorodok, Borshhagovka, Solomenskij rajon (Solomenka), Dorogozhichi, KPI, Syrec, Luk'janovka, Podol, Pechersk, Centr i drugie.
Prigorod: Brovary, Knjazhichi, Borispol', Pogreby, Zazim'e, Puhovka, Vyshgorod, Gorenka, Pusha Vodica, Kocjubinskoe, Chabany, Petropavlovskaja Borshhagovka, Sofievskaja Borshhagovka.
You can make an emergency call repairman gas boiler in any district of Kiev, seven days a week.

And principle of operating of gas boilers

Image: arrangement of gas boiler.

The following describes the and principle of operating of the gas boiler.
The figure shows the major components of the gas boiler.

  1. Fan
  2. Gas valve
  3. Control unit
  4. Expansion tank
  5. Heat exchanger
  6. Combustion chamber
  7. Ignition system
  8. Pump
  9. Manometer

When the boiler gas valve opens and gas is fed into the combustion chamber.
With the ignition system ignites the gas heats water in the heat exchanger.
The exhaust gas when the fan is supplied into the flue.
The pump circulates the water in the heating system.
The expansion tank compensates the pressure in the heating system.
The boiler control module controls.
In case of emergency, the control unit disables the boiler. In many cases, the display shows an error code. For an explanation of the error code can be found in the instruction manual.

The cost of repairing a gas boiler

The cost of repairing a gas boiler, can be determined only after the diagnosis. Approximate cost of repair of gas boilers master will tell you over the phone, after you name brand gas boiler, the outward manifestation of a fault or an error code.
For example: gas boiler Vaillant, error code F.05 (open circuit in the internal sensor traction) or gas boiler Ariston, need to be cleaned.
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In online mode, you can cause the repairman or get advice.
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Image: Home Appliance Repair in Kiev  >   Repair gas boiler (current page)
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