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Repair of refrigerators in Kiev, in the home of the customer.
Guaranteed. Quality. Reasonable price.
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Refrigerators repair in Kiev: at customer’s location, at convenient time.
We repair refrigerators of the following brands: Indesit, Samsung, LG, Zanussi, Whirlpool, Bosch, Haier, Ardo, Gorenje, Beko, Electrolux, Sharp, Ariston, Fagor, Hansa, Atlant, AEG, Daewoo, Hotpoint-Ariston, Stinol, Hitachi, Kaiser, Siemens, Snaige, Toshiba. That is, we make repair of refrigerators, which are introduced in the market in our region.

Serviced areas of the city of Kyiv

Изображение: карта. Serviced areas of the city of Kiev, refrigerator repair:
Levyj bereg (Desnjanskij rajon, Dneprovskij rajon, Darnickij rajon): Troeshhina, Lesnoj massiv, Raduzhnyj massiv, Voskresenka, Levoberezhnaja, Bereznjaki, Poznjaki, Rusanovka, Darnica, Har'kovskij massiv.
Pravyj bereg: Goloseevskij rajon, Shevchenkovskij rajon, Shuljavka, Teremki, Vishnevoe, Obolon', Kurenjovka, Vinogradar', Nivki, Svjatoshinskij rajon (Svjatoshino), Akademgorodok, Borshhagovka, Solomenskij rajon (Solomenka), Dorogozhichi, KPI, Syrec, Luk'janovka, Podol, Pechersk, Centr.
You can make an emergency call service refrigerator repair in any district of Kiev, seven days a week.

Construction and principle operation of the refrigerator

The following describes the construction and principle of the refrigerator. Image: Functional diagram of the refrigerator. The principle of operation of the refrigerator, based on the property of a liquid to absorb heat.
For the refrigerator is needed: coolant, evaporator (3), condenser (1), compressor (4), thermostatic expansion valve (TEV) (2).
The figure shows a functional diagram of the refrigerator.
In principle, this scheme works any refrigerator.
The evaporator receives the refrigerant in a gas-liquid state. Evaporator is located inside the refrigerator In the evaporator, the refrigerant evaporates while absorbing heat. On leaving the evaporator, the refrigerant is completely vaporized in the gaseous state and fed to the compressor input.
The compressor compresses the refrigerant, as a consequence of compression, the refrigerant heats up. Next, gas, hot coolant is supplied to the condenser. Condenser located outside the refrigerator (freezer) camera
Since the ambient temperature is lower than the temperature of the refrigerant, the refrigerant condenses in the condenser and turned into a liquid by giving heat to the environment. After the condenser, the liquid refrigerant enters the thermoregulatory valve. The thermostatic valve is a thin tube that is wound into a spiral. The output of the thermostatic valve, a zone of reduced pressure refrigerant is partially converted into the gaseous state. Further this gas-liquid mixture is fed to the evaporator and the process is repeated.
Above we described the theory of the refrigerator. In practice, there are many ways to implement, but the operating principle remains the same.
There are many different types of household refrigerators.
Refrigerators come in single-chamber and two-chamber, comprise a single compressor or two compressor, refrigerators with "a tearful vaporizer", refrigerators with solenoid valves, with the super-frozen, with the system «NO FROST» and so on.
For normal operation of the refrigerator requires a number of conditions, which are incorporated by the manufacturer. The most common are the following faults:

  • Refrigerant leak
  • The failure of the compressor
  • Faulty thermostat
  • Fault control unit

The cost of repair of refrigerator

The cost of repairing a refrigerator can be determined only after the diagnosis.
Approximate cost of repair refrigerator will tell you the master on the phone, after you name brand refrigerator and an external manifestation of faults (No cold, no freezes, freezes, will not turn on, and so on).

Certificate refrigerator repair Stinol

Image: Certificate of refrigerator repair.

Joint-Stock Company


Refrigerator factory STINOL

Certificate №74

This certificate testifies that

Tutynin Sergei Afanasevich

representative of "Interservice"

was trained at a seminar on refrigeration,

produced by CJSC "Plant refrigerators STINOL"

from June 19 to June 20, 2003.

in the city of Simferopol

Qualifications Commission decision

Admitted to the maintenance and repair of refrigeration

machinery manufacturing

CJSC "Plant refrigerators STINOL"

Qualification Commission Chairman /signature/

Chief of the service /signature/

Image: Home Appliance Repair in Kiev  >   Repair refrigerator (current page)
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