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Repair of televisions in Kiev, in the home of the customer.
Guaranteed. Quality. Reasonable price.
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TV Repair in Kiev, is the home of the customer, at a convenient time.
We repair televisions following brands: Samsung, LOS, LG, Philips, Panasonic, Sitronics, Sharp, Toshiba, Daewoo, Start, Elenberg, Fidelity и другие. That is, we make repair television sets that are on the market in our region.

Serviced areas of the city of Kyiv

Изображение: карта. Serviced areas of the city of Kiev, repair TVs:
Levyj bereg: Desnjanskij rajon, Lesnoj massiv, Raduzhnyj massiv, Voskresenka, Troeshhina, Darnica, Dneprovskij rajon, Darnickij rajon, Levoberezhnaja, Rusanovka, Bereznjaki, Har'kovskij massiv, Poznjaki.
Pravyj bereg: Pechersk, Centr, Podol, Shevchenkovskij rajon, Luk'janovka, Obolon', Goloseevskij rajon, Dorogozhichi, Shuljavka, KPI, Solomenskij rajon (Solomenka), Kurenjovka, Vinogradar', Nivki, Syrec, Svjatoshinskij rajon (Svjatoshino), Borshhagovka, Akademgorodok, Teremki, Vishnevoe.
You can make an emergency call repairman TVs in every district of Kiev, seven days a week.

Most frequent problem with the TV

The following describes the Most frequent problem with the TV. Image: Faulty TV

Currently are operated different types of TVs. They are: CRT, liquid crystal (LCD), plasma (PDP), LED, projection TVs.
In appearance, you can easily distinguish CRT TVs from other types. CRT TVs have great depth, at the expense of the neck tube.
Projection TV, also has a large size in depth, through the use of a reflecting mirror through which the image is projected onto the screen.
Each type of TV has its specific problem.
In any type of TV is the power supply, CPU, memory, tuner, radio, block color.
Power supplies often fail, due to power failures.
Quite often "flies flash" memory chips, processors fail.
In CRT TVs often fail elements of the frame and line sweep.
In the liquid crystal matrix and the possible failure luminescent backlights.
In plasma TVs, blocks X and Y can a cause of breakage the TV.

The cost to repair the TV

The cost of repairing the TV can only be determined after the diagnosis.
Approximate cost to repair the TV will tell you the master on the phone, after you name the brand, the type of TV and the external manifestation of the problem. For example, the Samsung LCD TV no power.
To communicate in the online mode, or post a message, click the widget on the right side of the screen.
In online mode, you can cause the repairman or get advice.
Administration of this site only provides information services (accepting applications and transfer their masters).
Responsibility for the work is the direct executor (master).

Certificate of repair of plasma and LCD TVs Panasonic

Image: Certificate of repair LCD, PDP TV




Tutynin Sergei Afanasevich

firm TOM Service

Successfully completed a course of training,

organized by Panasonic CIS Oy

Repair and maintenance

PDP and LCD TVs Panasonic 2009 models.


January 20, 2010

Instructor V. Skok

Instructor A. Shalabanov

Certificate of repair of CRT TVs Panasonic

Image: Certificate of repair of CRT TVs Panasonic.




Sergei Tutynin

Foxtrot company

Successfully completed a course of training,

organized by Panasonic CIS Oy

television receivers



May 21, 2001

Instructor: Y. Sugisaki

Director: M. Motoki

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