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Repair of washing machines Kiev

Repairs to the washing machine in Kiev, the home of the customer.
Guaranteed. Quality. Reasonable price.
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Trademarks repaired washing machines

Изображение: Стиральная машина в нерабочем состоянии.

We manufacture repair washing machines Machine in Kiev, the home of the customer, the following brands: Indesit, Ariston, Bosch, Samsung, Ardo, Zanussi, Whirlpool, LG, Candy, Siemens, Hansa, Beko, AEG, Fagor, Electrolux , Gorenje, Kaiser, Elenberg. It was easier to write, to repair any automatic washing machines.
This list is in order of the number of repairs washing machines. From this list you can not judge that washing machines of any brand is better or worse.
We can only say that the larger falls in the washing machine repair certain brand, the more the brand is sold in a particular region.

Reasons for failure of washing machines

Washing machine is a complex electromechanical device. Due to the fact that the washing machine is used many mechanical parts and is often exploited, sooner or later something fails. In addition, the quality of water in our homes, leaves much to be desired. And not what the vaunted means for removal of scale do not save, and sometimes harmful. Often there are cases where people have succumbed to the advertising, buying "descaling" and after the application of a washing machine breaks down.
Изображение: Фильтр для смягчения воды Why is this happening? Do you remember how the seller said that half an hour you will see that pops up a bunch of garbage with which they coped descaler. What is really going on. Yes, it is violent means destroy the accumulated plaque, and along with the rubber parts (nozzles, gaskets). Also with so many emerged debris can not handle pump (pump), this debris can fall into the tube pressure switch (water level sensor) can clog the drain system. Or give another example. Filter water softener (which you can see in the photo). Fastened between the tap and the water supply hose to the washing machine. The thing is, no doubt, good, I would say more cost-effective, "expensive powders" and antiscalants. So it must be changed once a year, and the effect is stunning.

Изображение: ТЭН

PETN (tubular electric heater), which you see in the picture, standing in a washing machine where the filter was applied to soften the water and kept in perfect condition, like new, only the "old holes" in the literal sense. In a place where the heater is in contact with its collar studs, formed through small holes through which the water has become a hit on the very spiral.
At the same time, the heater may be damaged if it has a lot of scale, in consequence of which is impaired heat transfer, overheating occurs.
    The conclusion is: you have to fight with scale, but within reasonable limits. This issue can be a separate article.

  • Reasons for failure of washing machines:
  • Poor water quality.
  • Normal wear parts and mechanisms.
  • Variations in the supply voltage.
  • Inappropriate use.

The main problem of washing machines

In the washing machine, often fail mechanical components. This is natural, since the washing machine performs mechanical work.
Apparently, the alleged failure of washing machines, will show more clearly in the form of a list, which will be called "The basic malfunctions of washing machines," although, in fact, you will first need to describe the main alleged defects in washing machines. Statistics taken from real customer requests for repair washing machines. Are listed in descending order.

  • List of alleged defects in washing machines (symptoms).
  • Do not drain the water or not always drain the water.
  • Not drum rotates.
  • Flowing.
  • Does not execute the program.
  • Do not heat the water.
  • A foreign object.
  • Do not turn on.
  • Scored the water and stands.
  • No lockout.
  • Broken handle hatch.
  • Floods and immediately drain the water.
  • The programmer is going around in circles.
  • There was a surge voltage.
  • Replace the cuff.
  • Replace the handle of the door.
  • Do not fill with water.
  • Leaking..
  • Hit foreign objects inside.
  • No Spin.
  • Will not stop erasing.
  • Vibration.
  • Protection trips.
  • Smokes.
  • Replace the belt.
  • Gaining a full tank of water.

The cost of repairing a washing machine

In order to determine the cost of repairing a washing machine, it is necessary diagnostics. The approximate cost of repair can be determined by knowing the external manifestations of failure, the symptoms of which are specified in the previous chapter.

Image: Home Appliance Repair  >   Repair of washing machines (current page)
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