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Broken dishwasher? Again wash the dishes yourself? Contact us, we will eliminate the misunderstanding.
Repair dishwashers in Kiev, is the home of the customer, at a convenient time for him.
We repair dishwashers following brands:Ariston, Bosch, Fagor, Whirlpool, Indesit, Electrolux, Kaiser, Zanussi, Siemens, Beko, Hansa, Teka, Samsung, Gorenje, Haier, Ardo, Candy, Delfa, Elenberg, Pyramida, AEG. That is, we make repair washing machines, which are represented on the market in our region.

Serviced areas of the city of Kyiv

Изображение: карта. Serviced areas of the city of Kiev, repair dishwashers:
Levyj bereg (Desnjanskij rajon, Dneprovskij rajon): Lesnoj massiv, Raduzhnyj massiv, Troeshhina, Voskresenka, Levoberezhnaja, Rusanovka, Darnica, Poznjaki, Har'kovskij massiv and others.
Pravyj bereg: Obolon', Kurenjovka, Vinogradar', Nivki, Svjatoshino, Akademgorodok, Borshhagovka, Solomenka, Shuljavka, Dorogozhichi, Luk'janovka, Podol, Centr and others.

Construction and principle of operation of the dishwasher

The following describes the design and principle of operation of the dishwasher, so that it would be faced with a breakdown, you have an idea that might fail.
Opening the door of the dishwasher, did you see what's inside. This baskets for dishes, sprayers, water dispensers for detergent and bottom of the filter. But how is the process of washing dishes, in fact, closing the door, can not see what is happening there.
The following happens. First, water is pumped in the right quantity. Quantity of water supplied is controlled by sensors. Next, using a heating element heats the water to the desired temperature.

Image: heating element dishwasher.

To heat the water, may be applied, heating elements (tubular electric heaters) or flow heaters.

PETN located at the bottom inside the dishwasher wash chamber.
It has various forms, depending on the model and manufacturer.
In fact, this is the usual tubular electric heater, such as is used in washing machines, electric kettles, boilers and is, an isolated spiral inside a metal tube.

Image: instantaneous water heater.

Instantaneous water heaters are located outside of the washing chamber.
Instantaneous water heaters have a large capacity, since they have to heat the flowing water.

Water mixed with detergent and start the cleaning process. As work enters the circulation pump that supplies water under pressure to the spray arms (impellers). Sprayers, under the influence of jet effect begin to rotate and produce a trickle of water at a speed of 150 km / h.
One spray (impeller) is at the bottom, the other on the top and they rotate in opposite directions. The water jets are directed so that the "dead zones" remains. Water enters into each of the chambers with the dishes. So, whatever, the smallest table object to be washed.

Image: Impeller.

Sprinkler (impeller) is designed to create strong, numerous jets of water.

Image: The circulation pump.

The circulation pump is designed to ensure that the circulation of water in the dishwasher.

The next stage of dishwashing rinse it. Before rinsing, the waste water must be drained. For this purpose, the drain pump (the pump), which pumps the water through the drain into the sewer system. Once the used water has been drained, a signal from a water level sensor and dials the new portion of water from the water, to rinse.

Image: The drain pump dishwasher.

The drain pump provides discharge of waste water into the sewer.

Re-enters the circulation pump work and the process is repeated. Prepared for rinsing water, under pressure, is sprayed onto the dishes.
After rinsing, water is drained by means of the drain pump and the drying process begins.
The principle of drying for different types of washing machines may vary.
In some drying occurs naturally. Water evaporates from the warm dishes, sinks (condensed) on the cold walls of the wash chamber and flows into the drain. In other coercive method is applied when the dish is served on a stream of hot air.
The entire process of washing dishes or sequencer controls the control unit.

Image: The control module dishwasher.

A control unit ensures the timely inclusion of the necessary components, controls the entire process of washing dishes.

After drying is completed, a signal of the end of the work. Clean utensils can be removed.

The cost of repairing the dishwasher

The cost of repairing the dishwasher can be determined only after the diagnosis. The estimated cost of repairs will tell you the master on the phone, after you name brand dishwasher and symptoms of the problem.

Image: Home Appliance Repair in Kiev  >   Repair dishwashers (current page)
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